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Increase Subscribers

Gain subscribers from people who viewed and are amazed from your music videos. We let them subscribe to see more.

Increase Views

Increase your video’s number of views through our music video promotion platforms- social media sharing combined with the rest of our services.

Increase Comments

Be guaranteed with higher engagement.The more people to see your music videos or the more viewers there are, the higher the interaction.

Increase Likes

Increase your video’s number of likes by showing it to the right audience. We get music enthusiasts to see your music videos. They tend to admire and click like for amazing videos.

More Music Video Promotion Features


Free Consultation

Know the basic steps on how to create videos that spread like wildfire. We give you free tips on how a video can get more views, likes, comments, subscribers and the secrets to make YouTube videos viral.


Monthly Report

Keep track on the progress of your music video. We give you the details for all the stuff we do in marketing your videos online.


Social Sharing

Spread your video in popular social media sites to gain more views and exposure. We share your videos in fb, twitter, social video sites, music communities and other social media platforms.

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Search Engine Visibility

Make your video visible to search engines like Google and YouTube. We ‘ping’ your video URL to make it visible and be found easily when people search for keywords that are relevant for it.


Keyword Optimization

Show and rank your music video at least in the first page of Google and YouTube search results. We optimize your target keywords to bring more traffic and views to your video.


Video Distribution

Reach wider audience and gain more fans. We distribute your video to our network of publishers, social media and social video sites, paid music blogs, and social bookmarking websites.

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