4 Easy Steps to Start Your Subscription


It’s a piece of cake. Here, let me give you the steps:

1. Enter your YouTube Video URL you want us to promote.

(If you’re on the landing page)

(If you clicked the Get Started button on the right top corner)

It will redirects you to the step 2 where you will going to input your details

2. Choose your subscription package. We have 3 set of packages – Basic, Premium and Advanced. But I would recommend you to get started with the premium plan for a higher improvement of your videos.

3. Now, enter your email address and add keywords. (Keywords will be used for Google and YouTube search results. It must be relevant to your video.) You can remove the suggested keywords and input your new keywords.

4. Check if all info’s are correct. All details in place? Alright, last click to complete the order.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is springvid?

springvid is borne out of our love for amazing videos. We saw thousands of great videos that are underappreciated and rarely get seen by their audience just because they are not from famous music artists or top brands. So our team came up with springvid, which means, “to spring videos up from their unintentional slumber”. We forged alliances with top performing online networks, pirated video marketing experts from boring companies and researched about the trends of the video marketing industry to create a solid foundation of strategies and processes we can use to improve video performance of our clients.

Will YouTube ban my account if I avail your music video promotion service?

Nope. Never. We provide legit and natural yet effective video marketing services. Your music video gets views, comments, likes, subscribers and exposure from REAL PEOPLE. YouTube won’t dare to ban your account. (No reasons, unless they just want to.:) LOL ).

Are the views, subscribers, likes and comments real?

That’s a sure thing. We don’t use nonsense bots, that’s for the lazy ones. Yes, our team is an experienced and skilled video marketers. Let me quote this, “We get more people to see and hear your music –fans, fellow artists, music managers eyeing for talents and recording studios.”

Who is behind springvid?

springvid is a team of marketing experts, web savvies and music fanatics. (One fact – we love to sing and play musical instruments as well. You can even rock with us. :) )

Subscription Questions

What "to do" & "not to do" while campaign is running?

Never avail any other services or buy YouTube views while the campaign with us is running. YouTube might detect any suspicious activities and ban your video and account (We can't afford to let that happen).

Can I change my keywords?

Yep! Upon application, our system will automatically suggest keywords that might help your video to rank better. However, you can still change it. After signup, the keywords you chose will be the one we will use during the process.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Nope. It's a monthly subscription plan. No contracts, cancel anytime.

Can I upgrade my subscription?

Yeah. You can upgrade with higher package once the previous subscription has ended. You can ask for more help to our Support Team: [email protected] or to a live help in our site.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. But we still process the campaign until the end of your subscription. Don't worry, you won't get charge for the next month anymore.

Billing Questions

What type of payments do you accept?

For now, you pay through PayPal. But the team is working on another system of payment so you could pay in your most comfortable way.

How often do I need to pay for my subscription?

You will just need to subscribe once; your subscription will automatically charge you every month until you cancel the subscription.

Do you give refunds?

Not happy with the results? We owe to return your money as much as we care for the benefits you get. (But you need to provide justifiable reasons. Very low progress as an instance.)